Hyper-V on Windows 8 – VM Will Not Start

This isn’t related to System Center, but I wanted to stick this out there in case someone else runs into the same issue.


My lab runs on two Windows 8 machines.  I haven’t played with Server 2012 much as of yet, however, I imagine I will be switching over at some point once I am able to carve out enough time to be able to take my machines down.  At the same time, I imagine this issue might occur on a Windows 2012 machine as well.

Log Name:      Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-Config-Admin
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-Config
Date:          1/14/2013 9:31:29 AM
Event ID:      4096
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
User:          NT VIRTUAL MACHINE\1E00D583-C468-4CBE-B077-623AE7A383D9
Computer:      XXXXXXXXXXXX
The Virtual Machines configuration 1E00D583-C468-4CBE-B077-623AE7A383D9 at ‘C:\VHDx\DC2\DC2’ is no longer accessible: General access denied error (0x80070005).

Basically, what was happened was that I had too many VMs running along with my other work programs so the “server” ran completely out of RAM.  I tried to shut a few of the VMs down to carve out just enough RAM to be able to shut everything down and it resulted in the Win8 equivalent of a BSOD.  Post reboot, my DC running on this machine refused to start with the error above.  I have no idea how or why, but the permissions seem to have changed.

After messing with the perms for about 30 minutes, I still had no luck in getting the VM to restart and I could not find any discrepancies between the files for this VM and the VMs that were still working.  As such, I added the following:


I granted <Local Machine>\Users “Full Control” over the Virtual Machines folder.  Compliant?  Probably not.  Did it allow my DC VM to restart?  Yep.  If this were a prod environment, I would have spent more time investigating the exact permission that was missing.  However, this is a secure lab with no sensitive data.  My hope is to revisit this at some point (time permitting) to see if I can nail down the exact permission that was missing.

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  1. Hi,Can the same management serevr(s) monitor both linux/unix serevrs as well as windows ones. Reading about resource pools for Network Monitoring, the resource pool and the management serevrs it contains must be dedicated to Network Monitoring. Is the same true for linux/unix monitoring? In a big distributed monitoring environment this could get expensive if the same management serevrs cannot reside in 2 pools (the all serevrs pool for windows management and the linux/unix resource pool) and do monitoring for both.

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