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Microsoft Sentinel – Incident Enrichment with

Helping a SOC Analyst get the data they need during an investigation is critical in helping drive down security incident response time. Microsoft Sentinel provides a fantastic place [..]


Browser Tip: Pinning Sites as Applications

This is a trick I use pretty heavily to control the amount of tabs I have open and allows me to quickly navigate back to my critical sites [..]


MITRE Caldera – Emulating an Adversary

Perishable threat intelligence – when a new attacker enters the fray or when an existing threat actor changes their tactics, inevitably the various security firms will publish threat [..]

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Pi-hole – Life Changer? Maybe…

The Internet seems to run on advertising – and that is fair. Companies and individuals need to find a way to monetize their products and data without hiding [..]

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Practicing JWT Attacks Against Juice-Shop

I love attending the sessions put on by Black Hills Information Security when I can. Last week, the session was on JWT token attacks which I found very [..]

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