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SCOM 2012–Connect to the SDK from PowerShell in an MP

I’ve had a few different scenarios in the past where the need to connect to the SCOM SDK and retrieve data either as part of a monitor or [..]

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SCOM 2012–Parameterizing Operators Within MP

In order to create a generic monitor type that is based off a PowerShell DS, you may need to parameterize not only the operators within expression filters but [..]

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SCOM 2012 – Reporting Off Operations Console Authored Groups

I was in a situation where I needed to create an availability report based on just a few of my SQL instances.  I quick created a group named [..]

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SCOM 2012–’Unspecified error‘ During Class Discovery

Recently, I ran into a situation where my class discovery was not working and all I was getting back was a very generic 0x80004005 error: I turned on [..]

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SCOM 2012–What’s in my group?

How do you tell what is actually contained within a group?  Looking at a group in the console only reveals the objects that have been added to that [..]

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