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SCOM 2012 – Flagging Alerts for Processing using SCOrch 2012

When passing alerts from SCOM onto a downstream system for notification such as ticketing or email, there tends to be two approaches. Override and disable all alert traffic [..]

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SCOM 2012 IP – How to Get an Alert Out of SCOM

When using a runbook to pull traffic out of SCOM 2012 to pass onto a different system or take some sort of automated action, the logical way to [..]

SC Operations Manager, SC Orchestrator

SCOM 2012 – Filtering Alert Traffic with Subscriptions and Orchestrator

One possible way of dealing with shipping alert traffic from SCOM to a ticketing system or ECA would be to use subscriptions within SCOM to flag the alerts [..]

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SCOM 2012 – Maintenance Mode and Orchestrator

Many SCOM admins and users have scripted solutions to help put their machines into maintenance mode in SCOM 2007. There are a ton of great blogs out there [..]

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Using the Orchestrator Integration Kit (OIT) for Creating an IP from your DLL

The OIT is a toolkit provided to help you create custom integration packs for System Center Orchestrator (SCOrch). In this example, I have created a custom DLL that [..]

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