Day 10: The Bamboo Bumble Progress


The goal is this blog post is just to document what I have configured so far and the progress around The Bamboo Bumble. Every couple of weeks, I want to take a snapshot of progress, what worked, what didn’t work, lessons learned, etc. to help me to continue to build on my affiliate marketing and SEO knowledge. Hopefully, others find this information valuable as well.

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I think a really important thing to call out is that I am not just cranking out AI content and hoping it ranks. While I do use a lot of AI tools in the content creation process (will be documented in a future post), I still rewrite the majority of the content, make sure the content is unique, and make sure the content is social media friendly. By taking this approach, it will (should) help drive the content up in Google’s EEAT rankings.

The Bamboo Bumble – So Far

  • Domain purchased from
  • WordPress site hosted on Bluehost
  • WordPress Theme – Blocksy Free
  • WordPress Plugins
    • Google Site Kit
    • Smush (though I do upload the majority of my images as .webp)
    • AddToAny Share Buttons
    • Rank Math SEO
    • Reading Position Indicator
    • Smart Slider 3
  • Amazon Affiliates ($0 commissions so far)

From a technical standpoint, here is what I have accomplished to date. First, all of the legal pages are completed.

  • About Us
  • Cookie Policy
  • DCMA
  • GDRP
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Terms of Use

There are seven blog posts completed:

Google Search Console – How is The Bamboo Bumble Doing?

google search console data for the bamboo bumble showing avg serp position and trend data

Not too bad. While the majority of this traffic is me configuring and testing, there is still organic search traffic represented here. The 68.6 avg. position number is something I really want to track and understand over time. Let’s see how we’re doing for SERP rankings.

Ahrefs – Are We Ranking for Keywords?

ahrefs data for the bamboo bumble showing organic keyword rankings

Yes, the site currently organically ranking (and displaying in SERP) for these 13 keywords. That’s not a lot, but as I work to drive additional topical and domain authority, Google should hopefully push my content closer to the top.

Bing Webmaster Tools & Ahrefs

I decided to submit the sitemap to Bing’s Webmaster tools as well. Between the feedback from the Bing Webmaster tools and the issues Ahrefs surface as part of the site audit, I was given quite a few nuggets to correct.

  • Articles with multiple H1s
  • Too large of images
  • Page title too long
  • Images with out alt tags

These issues were corrected this morning (12/18). I then resubmitted the pages for indexing on GSC as well as Bing. This means the corrections were not factored into the Ahrefs or GSC performance data. It will be interesting to see how the existing pages perform over the next few weeks with the corrections and as additional content is published.

Short Term Roadmap

Short and sweet. This is what I am working on for the The Bamboo Bumble over the new few weeks.

  • more content coming
    • finish topical auth content around bamboo sheets
    • additional product reviews
    • new product set in Jan
  • waiting to go after backlinks until Jan
  • additional affiliate programs in Jan
  • waiting to get approved for ad sense

Excited to See where the site is in 10 more days

The goal for the next two weeks:

  • Get the number of articles on The Bamboo Bumble up to around 20 with the majority being topical authority articles with a few additional review articles
  • Get approved for Google AdSense and get that configured for the majority of the posts and pages
  • Continue to tune SEO for the blog

In about 2 weeks, I’ll snag the Ahrefs and Google Search Console info and compare. I am excited to see where The Bamboo Bumble lands at the beginning of the new year.

Happy blogging! minimal logo

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