SCOM vNext CTP – Module Changes

I recently installed the CTP for Operations Manager that was released in October on MSDN.  Using the same method I used to scan the R2 product for changes, I was able to find just a few nuggets of info.  This method simply looks at the out of the box management packs, snags all of the module types and looks at their definitions.  I then do a simple compare between the outputs (CTP vs. 2012 R2 UR4) to see if there are any new MPs, new modules, or changes to the parameters on existing modules.

Script for scanning: Here

The volume of changes were minimal and only seemed to apply to xPlat.  There were no new management packs, and there did not seem to be any changes to the parameters on existing modules (I was hoping for another change like was done to the ExpressionFilter).

Here are the net new changes:

MP: Microsoft.Unix.Library
Microsoft.Unix.WSMan.TimedEnumerate.LogicalDisk.DiscoveryData ? DataSourceModuleType
“TargetSystem” “Uri” “Filter” “SplitItems” “Interval” “SyncTime” “ExcludeFileSystemName” “ExcludeFileSystemType” “ClassId” “InstanceSettings” “OutputErrorIfAny”

MP: Microsoft.Unix.LogFile.Library
Microsoft.Unix.Invoke.Script.ProbeAction ? ProbeActionModuleType
“TargetSystem” “UserName” “Password” “Script” “ScriptArgs” “TimeOut” “TimeOutInMS”

Microsoft.Unix.Invoke.Script.DataSource ? DataSourceModuleType
“Interval” “SyncTime” “TargetSystem” “UserName” “Password” “Script” “ScriptArgs” “TimeOut” “TimeOutInMS” “FilterExpression”

With the CTP, there are two new DataSources and one new ProbeAction out of the box.  The CTP was purely the base install with no additional MPs imported.  There could be other changes or net new MPs/Modules that provide new functionality.  This is most likely the case as we start looking forward along with the integration out to Azure Operational Insights.

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