Vista Social – Pinterest Bulk Scheduling via CSV – A Time Saver

Scheduling Pinterest Posts with Vista Social via CSV

As someone looking for ways to improve my social media presence, I recently started using Vista Social for my blog, Bamboo Bumble and am expanding to my other social profiles as well. My goal was simple: to streamline the process of sharing my blog posts on Pinterest.

Watch the video here to get the full details as to how to bulk schedule via CSV within Vista Social for Pinterest!
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Here’s a rundown of my experience and some tips that might help you too. I recorded a video walking through the steps to highlight the ease of bulk publishing posts via Vista Social. I was able to publish out a month’s worth of Pinterest content very quickly based on all of the articles I had already published on The Bamboo Bumble website.

Getting Started with Vista Social

  • Platform Overview: Vista Social is a tool for scheduling posts across various social media platforms, including Pinterest.
  • Why I Chose It: For its bulk scheduling capabilities and integration with multiple platforms. It not only integrates with Pinterest, but Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok,…you name it!

You can sign up for Vista Social here!

You can use promo code: Gn3TMZWy for a special discount!

The Bulk Scheduling Feature

  • The Process: I used Vista Social’s bulk publishing feature, which is a real time-saver. It allows you to schedule multiple posts at once. It just takes a little tuning. It even lets you schedule across multiple social media platforms at the same time!
  • Using a CSV File: Vista Social provides a sample CSV file template. This template is flexible and lets you input important details like the post message, type, link, and the time you want it published.
screenshot of vista social showing the template CSV file they provide right in the UI
Vista Social provides a sample CSV to work off right in the UI. Great for getting started!

Here’s the documentation for the CSV Vista Social provides: here

Customizing My Posts

  • Content Types: I set my content type as “article” since I was focusing on blog posts.
  • Images and Descriptions: A cool feature of Vista Social is that it automatically pulls the featured image from your blog posts. I also added pin titles, board names, and descriptions for each post in the CSV file.

Publishing to Pinterest

  • First Test Run: I scheduled a post as a test, and it worked like a charm. The post went live on Pinterest with all the details from my CSV file.
  • Scaling Up: After the successful test, I added more rows in the CSV to schedule additional blog posts. It’s a straightforward process that saves loads of time.
messagetypelink timetitleboarddescription
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Text Table of the CSV file I used in the demo
screenshot of excel with content for the deme CSV showing pinterest bulk publishing via CSV in Vista Social

Why This Matters for You

If you’re managing a blog or multiple social media accounts, Vista Social can be a real game-changer and have major impact. It’s not just about saving time; it’s also about maintaining a consistent online presence, which is key in the digital world. I am always looking for easy…and this is easy!

In future posts, I’ll explore some additional capabilities and functionality within the platform that I love and save me time. More to come!

Your Turn

  • Try It Out: If this sounds like it could help you, give Vista Social a try.

You can sign up for Vista Social here!

You can use promo code: Gn3TMZWy for a special discount!

  • Share Your Experience: I’d love to hear how it works out for you. Feel free to drop your thoughts or tips in the comments. minimal logo

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