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Microsoft Sentinel – Incident Enrichment with

Helping a SOC Analyst get the data they need during an investigation is critical in helping drive down security incident response time. Microsoft Sentinel provides a fantastic place [..]


Secure RDP – Using SSH Tunneling With Built-In Windows Features

So… Who knew? I didn’t. This is the screen for Settings -> Apps and Features -> Optional Features for both Windows Server 2019 as well as Windows 10. [..]

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MS OMS – Performance Data Collection Now Live

Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is now able to collect performance data at a rate of up to every 10 seconds. Configuration is super simple. Simply add or [..]


SCOM vNext CTP – Module Changes

I recently installed the CTP for Operations Manager that was released in October on MSDN.  Using the same method I used to scan the R2 product for changes, [..]

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SCOM 2012–Parameterizing Operators Within MP

In order to create a generic monitor type that is based off a PowerShell DS, you may need to parameterize not only the operators within expression filters but [..]

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